Google Ads for your business

Here at S.I.C. we understand the power of competent and professional Google Ads advertising.

No matter what type business you have, in whatever market you are present, there is always market share to earn through Google. It's that simple.

Google is the biggest, and probably most advanced search engine in the world → which means all of your former, present and future clients are already there. They're searching for information, products, directions, pricing options, inspiration and much more. They are, in fact, actively searching for your exact products.

Why not present your services to those looking for it - exactly when they are looking for it?

That's where I come in.

Increase your Google Ads revenue with 3 strategic approaches

  • How much of your campaign is generating revenue - or how much budget is being wasted?
  • Are you utilizing all of the Google Ads features; thus improving the overall performance?
  • Are your ads and keywords CORRECTLY and APPEALINGLY localized?

What can I offer you, specifically?

Complete transparency. Recieve weekly or monthly reports in detail. You will be presented with data, improvements and next steps.

ROI-focused. The sole focus of my advertising activities and tasks will be focused on creating/optimizing your business a profitable and scalable marketing channel.

Data-driven enthusiast. I love my work. I love helping businesses succeed with Google Ads. I will always give my input and ideas, if I see something that could be beneficial for your business. I can't help it; I will act as an consultant for your business.

Think we'd be a good match?

We're currently looking for new business partners. Get a free evaluation of you current campaigns, or an analysis of your potential.

Get succes with Google Ads

It does require a professional approach

Pros of having a professional manage your Google Ads

  • Avoid costly mistakes from the beginning
    Get the most out of your advertising from the very beginning
  • Recieve detailed reports with relevant information
    Don't get overloaded with information. Recieve e-mails containing the most important info.
  • Hollistic digital marketing know-how
    Get free tips and insider-digital-marketing know-how from your Google Ads partner, which you can implement in other areas.
  • Stay in touch - you will have your personal contact person
    ​Have a question? Need to test a new landing page? Your personal contact is just an e-mail or phonecall away.
  • Get the most out of your budget
    ​A professional can identify quickly, what is good and what is bad for your advertising.
  • Experience allows for testing and improving
    Someone with experience will not use time on unnecessary tasks. Get more done.


If you try to manage your own advertising on Google, you may end up having a really bad experience. Of course, you will save the monthly fee for a professional. However, depending on the size of your budget, you could end up loosing a lot more money than the fee.