Do you want to learn more of the Sick Internet Company?

I´ve got a surprise for you, whoever you are (if you are interested). Sick internet Company could not exist without the professionel team behind it. At the moment, we are counting a whole of 1 employee (well, owner). My name is Morten Steinmetz, and I like all sorts of things. Especially being on the computer.

Buckle up, lay back, crack open some chips and prepare to witness extraordinaire graphic entertainment. NOW FEATURING, The immense expedition of Morten; From Counter Strike 1.6 to professional internetting.

I will not lie or withhold anything from you. When I was a kid in school appropriate age, I would always despise anything related to doing school work. Not because I was an intellectually challenged individual, I just did not want to do it.

And this basically never changed. To this day, having existed for more than 26 years, I rarely do anything I don´t want to. This thought-funnel of mine also means, that I can put incredible strength into the things I believe in. For example, when making websites or writing posts.

I found this amazingly accurate illustration of my thoughts, when focusing on things I don´t see the point in

Illustration of me going home to my computer.

I have always had a thing for computers. As in ALWAYS. In the sense, that from I first layed my eyes on a screen showing Windows on it, I have been interested and fascinated. Again and again.

At some time, like many others, I discovered Counter Strike 1.6. A hugely popular game, where one could join or make clans with friends. I have created tons of my own clans - and obviously, they all needed their own website. Complete with the team roster, game scores, pictures and player descriptions. I was very proud of those websites, which was made on a drag-and-drop free website builder, so probably not a lot of visitors back then. Lol


Because I could simply not wait. I have tried different educational paths, but none which pleased me. I do not regret that I tried - after all, I ALMOST became an AP Graduate in Commerce Management. I skipped the final exams, because I got a job offer as an PPC executive in London. Which appealed much more to me.

Before that, I have worked as an Search Engine Advertising in Berlin. My latest abroad work adventure was in Brno, Czech Republic, where I worked as an Expense Associate.

Later on I worked at an internet marketing agency, where I managed a rather large portfolio of clients advertising on Google and Bing. I eventually discovered, that a regular 9-5 job was NOT meant for me.


In short; by continously ramming myself head first into every challenge I had job-wise, and then eventually discovering its inability to work for me.

I have had an interest in affiliate marketing, internet marketing, web design etc. for a lot of years. I knew for equally as long, that it would eventually be the best way for me to make a long term income. (As I find it very interesting)

Today; my day consists of writing content, hiring freelancers, designing websites, strategically planning launches of new sites and much more.

Are you into it, Morten?

Yes. Hell, yes.